SKIM was created to help achieve the #1 performance management priority in business today… proper focus to reach organizational goals.

People join an organization to help the team succeed by delivering their talent.

Entrepreneurs and managers depend on that performance to WOW consumers and grow the company’s market value.

Too often, the talent delivered and what is needed to achieve business goals fails to align. Everyone is working hard…but no one is particularly happy with the results.

The foundation of SKIM is something we call “collective agreement”. Every team member knows his or her role, what is priority, and each is a superstar in their performance to WOW customers.

The collective agreement that SKIM helps create grows revenue and profit by fueling individual advancement and personal growth.

Think of it like a professional rowing team, everyone completely in sync and powerfully focused on a clear goal. The oars perfectly aligned and hitting the water repeatedly with barely a splash.

It’s difficult to achieve that using traditional annual performance reviews. Waiting a year to find out that a team member wasn’t clearly focused is absurd…as is downgrading someone for something that occurred many months before their review.

SKIM is a proactive and ongoing agreement between the individual and the organization that sets out the role of each in achieving results together.