The workforce success tool that engages people to achieve high-value goals from anywhere.


Welcome to SKIM

SKIM is a new, simple, proactive performance management system that helps align individual goals with organizational objectives.

SKIM helps people...

  • Set clear targets and achieve them
  • Contribute their thoughts and ideas
  • Create more value in this world
  • Win as individuals and as a team!
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Here's How It Works

1. Set Up Your Master Plan

Set goals that align with the organization. Collaborate with your manager or coach.

2. List your top priority actions for the month.

3. Work it!

4. At month end, submit your results.

Your coach will respond with a suggested time to meet.

5. Begin your SKIM meeting.

Celebrate your success. Discuss issues. Share ideas. Fine tune your plan.

6. Record your mutual agreements for the month.

7. Close the month and launch the next!


Success 3

What are the three most important things you must accomplish this year to increase your value to the organization?

"If you have more than three priorities, you don't have any."

– Jim Collins


Key Issues

What are the critical issues, obstacles or communications you must address to achieve your Success 3?

"Sometimes the greatest opportunities in life show up as unsolvable problems."

– Jim Rohn



Any ideas to make the work easier, faster or more profitable?

"Contributing fresh ideas, intriguing new possibilities, is an integral part of accomplishing interesting and fulfilling work."

– Scott Brinker



What are your personal growth goals this year?

"Knowledge will enrich you, but only action will turn it into riches."

– Darren Hardy

SKIMPLAN Journal Orders

Not all great ideas surface when we’re online. Sometimes it’s fun to brainstorm unplugged.

Let’s face it, every now and then, we prefer a little paper.

Product Details:

  • 8"W x 10"H x 3/4"D size fits easily into a backpack or carry on
  • Master SKIM page
  • 24 SKIM journal pages (12 customizable months)
  • 75 lined pages for notes
  • 3-year Calendar and Important Contacts back page


* Plus shipping & taxes. Free Shipping on orders of 4 or more.

SKIM Journal

Cloud Based SKIMPLAN

Get the benefits of SKIM Journal and more with a web-based version you can access from any device.



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