Everyone needs a champion!

Stay on track. Build powerful team relationships. Achieve the unprecedented.

Connect. Create. Work. Achieve.

SKIMPLAN is the real-time, collaborative alternative to the annual performance review.

Where a traditional “review” is often one-sided, polarizing, and rarely fuels anyone’s passion to excel, SKIMPLAN does just the opposite. It helps focus talent, ignite passion to succeed, and supports people to achieve great goals faster than they would in any other way.

And SKIMPLAN makes sure that completed success goals are acknowledged via a masterfully designed Certificate of Achievement!
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Stay on Track

SKIMPLAN helps keep the conversations organized, productive, and time bound.

Goals are agreed upon that feed company growth and profit while fueling every team member’s individual success. Monthly priority actions move the needle towards achieving those goals. Collaboration overcomes obstacles. Achievements are celebrated.

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Build powerful team relationships.

SKIMPLAN helps foster winning relationships by keeping communication real and by minimizing the potential for “unfair” and “blindsiding.”

It’s all about the way we demonstrate integrity and manage expectations. People typically personalize the work they do. We seek an environment where we can learn and be challenged to achieve our best. We value a place that encourages creative ideas and solutions from everyone regardless of their role.

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Grow revenue and EBITDA profit.

SKIMPLAN helps us stay focused on our critical priorities and quickly identify when and where a course adjustment would be beneficial.

Financial success, whether business or personal, comes from a clear sense of priority. Growth and EBITDA objectives are achieved much faster when each team member understands exactly what they are expected to contribute and have the passion to do so.


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